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Milestone 2 and 3
Milestone 2 and 3 are now out!

Kindly download description and template from MET website or this link

Although SE course still wishes your safety and well being, know that milestone is expected to be performed in teams. However, you will still be evaluated with circumstances taken into consideration. Regarding other issues with team, there is a special thread dedicated for it on forum kindly use it and not email of Dr. & TA's  in order to manage it easier. 

Thank you and all best from SE team.
Dear All

We hope you and your families are safe and we wish you a blissed Ramadan.

We understand that this is a time of uncertainty, we understand your confusion and that there are a lot of open ended unanswered questions. We will try our best in this email to address some of your concerns, answer some of the most commonly occurring questions as well as to clarify some important points specifically about how the project and how will the communication process continue.

First announcement
The deadline of the project is extended till Thursday the 14th of June. We highly encourage you to work as hard as you can on this project because the software engineering course’s project is the cornerstone, from a market/industry perspective, of your academic career so far. Hence, this is a great opportunity to work on something you’d feel proud to put on your CVs when you apply for any internships or jobs either now or in the future.

Second announcement
The course staff is committed to giving you all the guidance possible. Hence, we encourage you to ask questions on the forum as we are being overwhelmed with emails and most of your questions are similar. There will be a schedule that will be posted shortly of which staff member will be available at which timings to answer your questions. Also, online office hours will be provided, as per university regulations, through the official platform provided by the university.

Third announcement
These are some of your FAQs answered:
  • Can we use HTML5/CSS3? Yes. You can use any web-based technology you desire
  • Can we use online templates and manipulate them? Yes. As long as you’re delivering your own personalized and customized UX that reflects the 100 requirements you are asked to deliver
  • How will we test our UIs? You are not asked to test the UI/UX your design. In milestone two you are asked to design an interface with the appropriate experience. In milestone three you are asked to provide an API design for your “services”. Then, design test cases for those APIs.
  • Further FAQs will be added to Milestone 2&3 thread.
Dear All,

Hope you and your families are safe during this rough period.

You are kindly asked to submit your work for M2&M3 through this link:

You will find that you are asked to submit 6 items, here is their description:
  • The first item is a zip folder containing your source “work". It does not have to be code however. It is a folder containing either your source code in case you used a web technology, or extracted files in any format that you exported your work in using whatever tool you used.
Put simply:
* Option 1. If you coded your project, you are asked to submit your source code. NOTE: make sure that your code is runnable by clicking on index.html, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your submitted code will run on clicking index.html, there should be no missing files/libraries/modules/bundlers/configurations or any other thing that would stop the project from working.
* If you did not code your project and you used an external tool you have one of two options:
    * Option 2. Most tools have an option to export as HTML/CSS, you can use that and then you will submit this code. Again, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that everything is working as with the previous point. NOTE: sometimes when exporting from an external tool to HTML, some features, specially animation features, are lost.
    * Option 3. You can export your project in whatever extension is possible for the same tool to be able to import again. In other words, let’s say you are using a software called ABC, there is an option to export your project as a “.abc” file. Then, this “.abc” file will be imported in the ABC software again so it would run in its intended environment without any feature loss. Hence you are simply asked to submit a zip folder containing your exported project in the appropriate format.
  • The second item is mandatory in case you opted for Option 3 in the first item. It is a link to a video (goole drive or youtube) showing how to import the submitted project in the specified software that you used. Again, back to the ABC example, you should have a video showing how to open the ABC software, how to import the “.abc” file and how to run it.
The second item is not necessary in case you’re submitting source code.
  • The third item It is a link to a video (google drive or youtube) with voiceover, explaining the project. It should be a sort of a demo or a walkthrough of your application showcasing the implemented features and commenting on the experience whenever necessary.
  • The fourth item is an excel sheet containing the product plan same as the ProductPlanTemplate.
  • The fifth item is an excel sheet containing the API designs and the test cases same as the APITemplate.
  • The sixth item is an excel sheet containing the names and IDs of all team members who worked on the project.

1. As mentioned before, it is your responsibility to double check and make sure that your coded/exported project works correctly upon running/importing.
2. It is your responsibility to make sure the video/audio quality is clear. There will be no further debugging or extra steps taken from our side, we will follow the instructions in the video as is.
3. You should submit all the names and ids of team members who worked on the project.

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